Floating Solar Panel Water Fountain For Garden

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This product is a solar direct-drive pump, no additional battery, the height of the water depends entirely on the strength of the sun.

In the sun weak, the pump will not work continuously, automatically start again and again until the sun after reaching a certain intensity automatically restore work continuously.


Product size: 16cm/6.3"X16cm/6.3"

Weight: 178 g

Material: solar panels

Water pump voltage: DC 7V

Pump power: 1.0 W

Maximum spray range: 80cm/31.5"

Maximum flow: 160 L/H

Largest water spray height: 50cm/19.69"

Solar panels voltage: 7V

Solar power: 1.5 W

Solar panel size: 160mm/6.3" (monocrystalline silicon)

Application principle:

This product is a solar direct drive pump, no external battery, spray height highly depends on the strongness of sunshine.

When the sun is weak, the pump will not work continuously

It will automatically start again when the sun reaches a certain intensity, and return to continuous work.

Solar fountain is driven by solar energy,a landscape fountain device pump.

This product uses the high efficiency solar panels and new brushless pump,fast start-up, high efficiency, has the advantages of strong stability.

In addition, when floating in the water, no external power supply, convenient installation, simple operation.

Widely used in garden, bird bath, small pond water cycleoxygen, rockery fountain and other places.

The installation is simple, easy to use, as long as there is sunlight, water pump can start work.

This solar brushless pump adopts Holzer element with high sensitivity and low power consumption, with high efficient intelligent driving electronic circuit

The design of volute in fluid mechanics is used to reduce the resistance of water flow, so that the efficiency of the solar water pump comprehensive performance 20% more than the traditional structure.

The utility model solves the defects of difficult starting, low efficiency and poor stability of the current brushless solar water pump

The water pump can be connected with nozzles of different shapes, and different water types are ejected

Use field: villas, courtyards, walkways, residential areas, gardens, lawns, ponds…

Maximum spray height: 40-60cm/15.75-23.62in

Package Include

1 X Solar Pump

1 X Nozzle Base

1 X Connection Head

1 X Filter

1 X Socket

3 X Spray Heads

1 X Instruction


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